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Wild Tradition DVD

After four years of hunting and filming, we are proud to bring you our first DVD, "Wild Tradition". Produced by H2O Productions, this tradhunting film takes place in the Rocky Mountain West offering a large variety of Big Game Species on various terrain. Join our host and hunter Toby Walrath and the rest of the "Wild Tradition" crew including Jim Neaves (Centaur Archery), Heath Helgert (H2O Productions), Dave Oligee (Simmons Broadheads) and guests as we close the distance and bring you over 25 up close traditional harvests. You will see close encounters with Moose, Whitetails, Elk, Black Bear, Turkey, Antelope, Mountain Lion, Impala, Warthog and even some Carp bowfishing in this 2 hour plus film! No guides, no fences, just hard working guys bowhunting in their spare time and on the weekends. This film is for the do-it-yourself hunter that knows that in the real world, animals don't just fall into your lap. We invite you to share the camaraderie of stick and string in this true reality based, all trad hunting adventure....."Wild Tradition"!

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