Centaur Archery - Custom Fitted Deflex Reflex Longbows

Custom Made Flemish Bowstrings

All Flemish Strings are specifically built to fit Centaur Longbows

Flemish Rhino Bowstring Custom made just for your Centaur Longbow

Each string is handcrafted with specific tolerances and built for performance, durability and silence.

These strings are made with a non-stretch material called Rhino. They are a 2 bundle configuration consisting of 10 strands in the main body with a special process used at the center served area to minimize weight, and give proper nock fit while still yielding a perfectly round, and even serving from end to end.

Each loop of the string is padded with additional strands of Rhino material. A 10 strand string will have 20 strands total in the loops. Padded loops give the string more surface displacement and make the string easier on the bow especially in the unlikely case of a dry fire. These loop strands are staggered to give a uniform tapered run out, and measured to a length which maximizes structural integrity without adding unnecessary weight back at the limb tips.

During the building process of the strings, they are stretched for 24 hours at specific predetermined lengths during a conditioning process to achieve their target finished length with only 1/2 twist per inch of overall length. This process eliminates unnecessary stretch while shooting, repeated unstringing of the bow and excess twisting of the string.

These strings are served in the same direction as the twists for seven inches with .024 Halo while the bow string is under the full stress of the stretching, and conditioning process. This insures a good tight center serve that will not get loose or unravel itself under any circumstance.

A lot of thought, time and effort goes into each string to make it the best Flemish twist string you can get for your bow.

Retail price..........$28.00 ( Free S&H in USA )

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