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Jim and his wife Katie in Eastern Caribbean

Jim with his first elk
Harvested in 2010.

I heard a quote one time. "A man with his health has many wishes but a man without his health has but one". What a true statement that is and it really rang home with me. There are four key areas that we can actively participate in on a daily basis that give us the best chance of staying healthy and feeling great. Water, exercise, healthy eating, and intelligent supplementation. The first three are all things we all know we should do more of. The last however is a tougher decision because of all the choices out there today. One of the major factors in taking any type of nutritional supplement is that it is in a food matrix form. The body knows how to assimilate real food not synthetics so it is important for us to put that in our bodies. By doing so we get the most benefit from the nutritional products we take. Watch this short video entitled "Real Food Technology Solutions" at the bottom of the page and learn why my wife and I have chosen these products to fill the nutritional gaps even in our healthy diets. Click on this link to take the Mannatech tour and learn about the Ambrotose formulation and how the company has been issued over 45 patents worldwide for this technology.


Call me to learn how you can get a substantial ongoing discount on any of these proprietary supplements. I will be happy to go over plans and pricing with you and custom tailor an order to fit your needs.

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