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Razor Sharp Edgemaking System

Quickest way to sharpen a blade or broadhead!

Razor Sharp Edgemaking System

This system is specifically designed for the "hard to sharpen concave broadhead" and all other single bladed heads of any profile. Also great for knives with or without serrated edges, scissors, and miscellaneous tools and blades.

* Not for use with multi-bladed broadheads *

This kit contains: One 8" x 1/2" silicon carbide wheel*, one 8" x 1/2" slotted wheel*, 2 oz wax, 3 oz replacement grit, one square of white "Jeweler's" rouge, & a set of instructions. The wheels have a 5/8" arbor hole with a removable 1/2" bushing installed.

* Kit does not contain the bench grinder *

Retail price......$65 (plus S&H)

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