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From raw hand milled stock, to a highly refined artistic tool, Centaur Custom Longbows are built specifically for the individual one at a time. Using the most technologically advanced materials from engineered laminations and epoxies to a rugged finish that's totally weather proof, these bows deliver big time and still retain the essence of what tradition is all about.

Centaur Archery is a small self owned company built upon my love for archery and my desire to build the best longbow for the price through one on one consultation with each and every customer. When you call, you talk to me (Jim Neaves) owner and bowyer of Centaur Archery. I believe that keeping my business small and building every bow personally adds a dynamic of quality and customer satisfaction that is quickly becoming more challenging to find in today’s society. The customization process is more than just a certain length bow at a particular poundage at a given draw length. I want to know how you are going to use the bow. For example are you a target and 3d shooter? Are you a hunter that is looking for something that is shorter for use in ground blinds or tree stands but are not sure about what length of bow you can comfortably shoot? What kind of grip do you like on your bow? The grip is very important and is the only place that you actually touch the bow. It is an extension of the hand, arm and body and should fit you so naturally that you do not even think about it when you are shooting. We will talk about different exotic and indigenous wood selections for the bows and the option of fiber glass, carbon or both for your bow. As you may see, I want you to be involved as much or as little as you want with the ultimate goal of you having a longbow that meets or exceeds everything you are looking for. So kick back and take a look around my site and do not hesitate to give me a call with any questions you may have.

To Your Best,

Jim Neaves

Centaur Longow with Pierce points

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Product Overview

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